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Kitakata ramen, like Tochigi ramen, features a noodle made largely from mountain spring water. A significant amount of water is added to the noodle, which shapes up flat, wide, and curled. A tactile sensation of slurping and the chewiness are the key features of Kitakata ramen noodles.

Kitakata soup is a combination of pork bones, chicken stock, and niboshi (dried sardines). It is very light, clear, and soy sauce based. Additionally, the region is known for ramen shops that open early in the morning; the most popular shops have lines that form from the first light of day.

Generous portion size is also characteristic of Kitakata ramen noodles. Shops often give patrons a large amount of noodles, and enough chashu slices to circle the bowl and cover everything in sight.

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