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iberico bar: true lard leaves no traces

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Anyone who knows me well will likely know of my affection for Spanish cuisine, a passion which rivals and in many ways, surpasses even my love for ramen. Admittedly, I don’t eat noodles nearly as much as I used to. A steady diet of Mediterranean influence - fish and tomatoes, olive oil and beans,has replaced a lot of my gonzo noodle slurping in recent months. In part this has to do with health; all those fats and carbs have to go somewhere, and as relatively young as (I’d like to think) I am, it’s never too early to cut back on the calories and perhaps spare a few arteries in the process.

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the ramen king and i: from noodling to… book reviews?

Well this was unexpected. I recently received a review copy of Andy Raskin's The Ramen King and I: How the Inventor of Instant Noodles Fixed My Love Life. The author is apparently a reader of this site, so I'm pretty sure he'll come across my "review" of his book before long. Apologies in advance Andy, I'm no Michiko Kakutani. That said, you've got little to fear.The Ramen King and I is a fine, engaging read, a highly personal memoir about love, sex, and one man's relationship to... Momofuku Ando?

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go samurai blue!

How long does it take to change the mood of a nation? Um, three... minutes?

hanjuku hairballs

So the fine folks at Tokyopop have hipped me to a brand new comic, Neko Ramen, about a cat with a ramen shop. Told in the format of a yonkoma manga, a traditional-style four-panel Japanese comic strip, it kind of takes the maneki neko "fortune cat" concept to a whole new level, doesn't it? Would you eat ramen cooked by a furry feline? One hanjuku hairball with my shoyu, please. The book won't be out until June but you can friend 'em on facebook or read the strip online here.
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